Good websites

These are websites that I think are good.

By good I mean that they look good, I don't care about content; In fact I disagree with content on a lot of these sites. It's my definition of a good site but I genuinely believe that these websites have more soul and character AND are better at doing their job than most "modern" websites.

This list is compiled by Mark

If you have a website that you would like to add to this list please email me, I would like to make this list as big as possible. You could also Tweet Me Or raise an issue and/or create a pull request on github

This website is currently barebones, however, take note. It does the job well. It communicates information and it's fun.

I'll spend some time designing this website soon enough, I'm sure you can guess what style it will be in.

You want search? Press ctrl+f.

that being said I am not opposed to adding some sort of tagging to this system or even scraping the websites for a simple search engine

The list in random order